My final project for UX/UI design. Apart from the fact that I can't believe it's gone so fast, I had 2 weeks to design an app born from my needs. 

The idea came from one of my needs as a new mom in a different country with no friends that have children and because mental health and child development are very important for me

The most difficult part I've experienced during this process was designing something from my needs while at the same time keeping in mind that I'm not the user. So this made me face some difficulties along the way.

I wanted to know if this a problem that other parents experience as well so I've created a survey and conducted 5 interviews from which I've realised that most parents of babies between 4-10 mo don't consider playdates important for their child development at this age.

I've also looked into what's available on the market and I couldn't find any apps that offer this option in Europe and especially in Android as is what I've designed for.

Synthesising my observations I did the affinity diagram, the user persona and journey, defined my problem and decided HMW help and proceeded after this with a lot of sketching and brainstorming, testing and doing changes until I got to the prototype below.

*You can also read more about my process on my                     page

Try the prototype: 

The process in images :