French restaurant  
e-commerce site redesign

My role




6 days



Local shops and practitioners are suffering a decrease in the demand of their services and products due to the extreme situation COVID-19 pushed worldwide. This can affect local economies and many families. Alongside this, we can see true intent and a growing trend to support local businesses in many communities. 

Online presence is a good way to hijack the issue. More and more professionals are on the verge of their digital transition.


To make a user-friendly online shop that showcases local produce and reaches more customers.


1. Competitive Analysis

2.User research

3. Information Architecture

4. Ideate

5. Midfi Prototype

With this project, we aimed to bring the products our client sells closer to the customer and also make it available for a larger market. The scope is to create a personalised culinary experience

For this project, I was part of a group of 4 and I mostly handled the research part and user testing, created the persona, the user journey and worked on the user flow. As for the design part, I’ve worked along with my colleagues at the lo and mid-fi. 

Working with this team has been great, really had a good collaboration even if the whole process was remote and only lasted 6 days...